Personal Injury Lawyer

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Posted by Christopher Combs on January 30, 2024

Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury Lawyer in Greater St. Louis, MO. Combs Waterkotte knows that accidents, regardless of how small they may initially seem, can result in staggering medical expenses, the inability to return to the job you once depended on for income, or permanent pain and disfigurement. No matter the scale of the loss you’ve endured, you are entitled to certain rights and just compensation under the law.

If you or a loved one have been seriously injured because of recklessness or negligence, we are prepared to be your voice and act on your behalf. Contact a personal injury lawyer at Combs Waterkotte or call (314) 900-HELP for a free, no-risk case evaluation. We take all of our cases on a contingency-fee-basis, as well, meaning that you only will pay us if we win your case.

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Personal Injury Claims We Handle

Accidents happen all around us and the injuries that victims face are many and varied. From whiplash and head injuries sustained in minor car accidents, to bodily injuries, paralysis, and wrongful death faced in more severe accidents such as truck accidents, we are committed to helping you get the justice you deserve.

We handle auto accidents of all kinds, including:


We also take many other personal injury case types, such as:

Personal Injury Damages

While a fair monetary reward is certainly a goal in any personal injury case, it is not the primary one. The focus in your personal injury lawsuit should be getting justice for what happened to you and making things right. Personal injury law was designed to fairly compensate an injured individual for losses caused by someone else. This gives them a chance to be made whole and achieve a sense of closure after their accident.

After consulting with an experienced personal injury lawyer, you may be able to hold the appropriate parties accountable for present and future compensation.

These personal injury damages include, but are not limited to:

  • Lost wages
  • Reduced earning capacity
  • Past, present, and future medical expenses from injuries
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental or emotional distress
  • Permanent disability or disfigurement
  • Property damage
  • Rehabilitation and therapy expenses


If you are a family member that has suffered because of a loved one’s injury or death, you may be entitled to compensation for the expenses that resulted from those circumstances. These damages can include loss of consortium, loss of companionship, loss of benefits, mental anguish, and funeral expenses.

The exact amount of recoverable damages will depend upon your specific situation. The degree of your injuries, how the accident impacted your life, and how long you could not work due to said injuries all influence the damages you can receive in a settlement or award.

How Do I Know If I Have A Personal Injury Case?

You can recover damages by either filing a personal injury claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company or by filing a personal injury lawsuit against them in the courts. It is not always easy, though, to determine if your case is one where you have fair legal standing.

In order to succeed, you must meet two essential elements: fault and damages. For example, an individual, company, or employee(s) of a business must commit a wrongful act or ignore their duty to prevent dangerous situations in order to be guilty of negligence and thus held liable for your injuries. Furthermore, the accident must meet time restrictions set forth under your state’s statute of limitations: in Missouri, this usually means that your case must be brought before a judge within five years of the date of the accident, or three years of the date of a wrongful death.

If you need further help determining if you have a personal injury case, an experienced personal injury lawyer at Combs Waterkotte can help you go through all evidence, determine who is at fault, and calculate damages. Contact us now for a free consultation.

Why You Need the Help of a Personal Injury Lawyer

The vast majority of personal injury cases are settled out of court long before they ever see a courtroom. However, if your case ends up going to trial, you need an aggressive personal injury lawyer on your side to take on the insurance giants and get a fair, honest reward for your injuries.

Most insurance companies are large, publicly-traded corporations, and indeed many of them have operations around the world. They have a vested interest in limiting their liability, as it eats into their profits and produces fewer dividends for shareholders. Insurance companies will therefore pressure you to make quick decisions to accept a settlement offer that might not be in your long-term best interests, as this greatly reduces their liability and gives them a fixed number to use in budgeting. Without effective legal representation, you may lose out on gaining sufficient compensation to cover your losses.

Furthermore, the personal injury claim process is made up of complicated details, paperwork, unexpected obstacles, and unfair denials. Our attorneys know this process well and want to navigate you through the often-choppy legal waters.

Get in Touch With a Personal Injury Lawyer Who Cares | Combs Waterkotte

Our highly skilled and client-driven team combines legal expertise with an unmatched level of personal care and commitment to client satisfaction. With years of experience advocating for those who have been wronged, we are here to help families cope with life after an accident and recover physically, financially, and emotionally.

If you have a personal injury claim of any kind, call a personal injury lawyer at Combs Waterkotte at (314) 900-HELP for a free, no-risk evaluation.

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