Bodily Injuries

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Posted by Christopher Combs on January 30, 2024

Bodily Injury Lawyer St. Louis, MO. If you have recently been in an automotive accident, slipped and fell on a wet floor while shopping, or otherwise injured as a result of an accident, it is entirely possible that you may have a bodily injury claim. In these situations, you are entitled to full compensation and restitution for your injuries.

The St. Louis, MO personal injury attorneys at Combs Waterkotte have helped many people from all across the St. Louis, MO area get justice for the pain and suffering they experienced due to another person’s negligence. Our firm is experienced at taking on big insurance firms and obtaining favorable results for all their St. Louis, MO bodily injury clients. Call us today at (314) 900-HELP to speak with an attorney and learn more about how Combs Waterkotte can assist you after suffering a bodily injury.

Bodily Injury vs. Personal Injury

While many people believe that the concepts of “personal injury” and “bodily injury” are the same, in actuality there are several subtle but important differences between the two. “Bodily injury” refers to specific and quantifiable injuries sustained as a result of an accident. These include, but are not limited to:

“Personal injury”, on the other hand, refers to all costs or claims resulting from an accident. These include physical and mental injuries in addition to specific bodily injuries. It also refers to the category of civil suit you can file to recover damages.

In addition, “bodily injury” is a specific class of car insurance coverage mandated by most state laws. It covers any injuries sustained by one or more other parties in an accident. Most states have minimum bodily injury coverage limits in car insurance policies: in Missouri, this minimum limit is $25,000 per victim and $50,000 per accident. In many cases, though, that amount of money will not fully cover the expenses you incurred after your accident, which means that you will have to file a personal injury lawsuit in order to get full compensation for your bodily injuries.

Contact An Experienced St. Louis, MO Bodily Injury Lawyer

The St. Louis, MO bodily injury attorneys at Combs Waterkotte are here to help people who have suffered bodily injuries through no fault of their own get the compensation they deserve for their injuries. Our firm is skilled at taking on even the biggest insurance companies and obtaining results that give our clients peace of mind. We gather evidence, assess the future impact of your accident, and prepare a legal strategy that is built to win.

Our attorneys at Combs Waterkotte offer free initial consultations to discuss your legal options and learn more about your bodily injury case. In addition, we take all our personal injury cases on a contingency basis, which means that we do not get paid unless you get a settlement or award. Contact us online or call (314) 900-HELP to speak with a bodily injury attorney in St. Louis, MO today.