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Posted by Christopher Combs on May 6, 2024

Crime defense lawyers in St. Louis, Missouri. If you have been charged with, arrested for, or even questioned about a crime anywhere in or around St. Louis, you need the best possible legal representation on your side. No matter the severity of the crime – from minor infractions to more serious felonies – the crime defense lawyers at Combs Waterkotte are here to help.

These crime defense lawyers play a pivotal role in protecting the rights and freedoms of clients accused of criminal offenses in St. Louis and throughout Missouri. Our skilled and experienced legal team is dedicated to providing expert representation and making sure you receive fair treatment under the law.

Combs Waterkotte understands all too well that sometimes good people find themselves in bad situations, and we work to minimize the effect criminal charges can have on you, your reputation, and your future. Call our crime defense lawyers as soon as possible at (314) 900-HELP or contact us online for a free, one-on-one case review to discuss the specifics of your case. Our attorneys have over 60 years of combined experience, and our record of success speaks for itself.

Understanding the Role of Crime Defense Lawyers in St. Louis

The Combs Waterkotte crime defense lawyers, also known as award-winning criminal defense attorneys in St. Louis, specialize in representing clients facing criminal charges and advocating for the best possible outcome in their case. Our knowledgeable attorneys defend all cases and criminal charges both at the state and federal level, including:

Combs Waterkotte Crime Defense Lawyers in St. Louis: What’s the Difference Between State and Federal Crimes?

It’s important to recognize that federal and state crimes have distinct characteristics, primarily shaped by the jurisdiction overseeing their prosecution and the legal frameworks governing them. The Combs Waterkotte crime defense lawyers are proficient in federal court proceedings in St. Louis and beyond. The following is a breakdown of the key disparities between federal and state offenses:

  • Jurisdictional Scope: Federal crimes in St. Louis or elsewhere in Missouri transgress laws established by the U.S. federal government, which holds authority over matters concerning the entire nation. These offenses include activities spanning multiple states (this can include the short travel from St. Louis into Illinois), violations occurring on federal premises (e.g., military installations, federal buildings, Native American territories), crimes against governmental entities, and acts of terrorism. Conversely, state crimes contravene statutes enacted by individual state governments, falling within the purview of state and local St. Louis law enforcement agencies.
  • Jury Selection: Federal juries are drawn from broader geographical areas, typically spanning entire federal districts, fostering diverse jury compositions. Conversely, state juries are commonly composed of individuals from more localized regions, reflecting the demographic makeup of their respective jurisdictions.
  • Investigative Authorities: Federal law enforcement bodies like the FBI, DEA, and ATF are tasked with investigating and prosecuting federal offenses, holding jurisdiction nationwide. Conversely, state and local law enforcement entities like Missouri state police departments, St. Louis municipal police forces, and St. Louis County and surrounding counties’ sheriff departments investigate and handle state crimes within their respective jurisdictions.
  • Legal Frameworks: Federal crimes adhere to regulations delineated in the U.S. Code, a compendium of federal statutes ratified by Congress. These laws are applicable across all states and territories. Conversely, state crimes abide by distinct criminal codes specific to each state, encompassing an array of legal matters like criminal offenses, family law, and property law.

  • Prosecutorial Process: Federal crimes are typically prosecuted in federal courts presided over by federal judges. Conversely, state crimes are prosecuted by district attorneys or state prosecutors representing state governments, adjudicated in state courts under the jurisdiction of state judges.
  • Penalties: Federal penalties include probation, fines, incarceration in federal penitentiaries, and parole. Conversely, penalties for state crimes vary extensively, with each jurisdiction possessing its sentencing guidelines dictating potential consequences like fines, probation, imprisonment in state penitentiaries or county jails, and parole.

Give the lawyers at Combs Waterkotte a call right away at (314) 900-HELP or contact us online for help with any state or federal crime.

Crime Defense Lawyers St. Louis | St. Louis Criminal Defense | Combs Waterkotte

Combs Waterkotte Crime Defense Lawyers in St. Louis: Key Responsibilities

When you hire a Combs Waterkotte lawyer, you will always get individual attention to detail and care. The following are some of the key responsibilities of our defense attorneys:

  • Legal Representation: Crime defense lawyers serve as advocates for their clients throughout the stages of the criminal justice programs, from pretrial investigations to courtroom proceedings. The Combs Waterkotte legal experts are fully transparent through your legal process, giving honest legal advice, strategizing defense tactics, and representing your interests during hearings and trials.
  • Case Evaluation in St. Louis: One of the first steps of a crime defense lawyer is to thoroughly assess the details of your case. Our legal team reviews evidence, interviews witnesses, and identifies potential legal issues that could impact our defense. This comprehensive analysis helps us formulate an effective defense strategy tailored specifically to the circumstances of your case.
  • Courtroom Advocacy: Our criminal defense lawyers are skilled litigators who present compelling arguments on your behalf in court. They cross-examine witnesses, challenge the prosecution’s evidence, and present evidence and testimony in support of the defense. The goal is to cast reasonable doubt on the prosecution’s case and secure a verdict of not guilty or minimize the penalties imposed.
  • Post-Trial Representation: Even after a conviction, your criminal defense lawyer will continue to advocate for your rights. Your attorney may file appeals, seek post-conviction relief, or pursue other legal remedies to overturn wrongful convictions or mitigate the consequences of a guilty verdict.

What’s the Importance of Crime Defense Lawyers in St. Louis?

Crime defense lawyers in St. Louis play a crucial role in upholding the principles of justice and protecting your individual liberties. You need the Combs Waterkotte team on your side. Call us now at (314) 900-HELP or reach out to us online. The following are reasons why our services are indispensable:

  • Balancing the legal system, whether state or federal. In a criminal justice system where a state or federal prosecutor wields significant power, our crime defense lawyers serve as a counterbalance, advocating for the rights of the accused and promoting fairness and equity.
  • Preserving your constitutional rights. The Combs Waterkotte crime defense lawyers ensure that if you’re accused of crimes, you are afforded due process and other constitutional protections guaranteed by the law. They safeguard your rights – including the right to a fair trial, the right to legal counsel, and the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.
  • Protecting against miscarriages of justice. Our criminal defense attorneys play a crucial role in preventing miscarriages of justice. Their thorough investigation, diligent advocacy, and commitment to zealous representation help uncover the truth and make sure that justice is served.
  • Ensuring your access to justice. The Combs Waterkotte crime defense lawyers provide essential legal representation to individuals from all walks of life throughout St. Louis and across Missouri, regardless of your financial means. By offering our services, we ensure that everyone has access to the best possible legal defense.

Crime Defense Lawyers St. Louis | St. Louis Criminal Defense Attorneys | Combs Waterkotte

The Leading Crime Defense Lawyers in St. Louis | Combs Waterkotte

If you are facing charges for a crime in St. Louis or anywhere else in Missouri, remain calm. We are here to help. Our crime defense lawyers are indispensable advocates who tenaciously fight for your innocence.

Call Combs Waterkotte now at (314) 900-HELP or contact us online for a no-obligation consultation with one of our expert attorneys.

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