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Posted by Christopher Combs on June 3, 2024

Combs Waterkotte is the leading criminal defense law firm in Missouri. Here, you’ll find essential legal information, tips, and tools to help you navigate your legal challenges confidently. Whether you’re facing criminal charges, DWI issues, or seeking information about a loved one’s case, our resources are designed to provide clarity and support.

If you need personalized legal advocacy and criminal defense, don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us at (314) 900-HELP for a free case review. Your defense starts with being informed.

Combs Waterkotte Missouri Criminal Defense Resources

Valuable legal resources, including definitions, expert articles, and answers to common questions to help you understand your legal situation.

Missouri Clemency, Expungement, and Record Sealing Resources

Access essential documents and guidelines for seeking clemency, expungement, or record sealing in Missouri to clear your criminal record.

Missouri Criminal Defense Court Forms

Find necessary court forms for various criminal defense processes, including motions, affidavits, and appeals in Missouri courts.

St. Louis County Courts Criminal Forms

Locate specific criminal forms used in St. Louis County courts, such as plea agreements, bond orders, and arraignment memoranda.

Missouri Circuit Courts & Courthouses

Find contact information and local rules for Missouri’s circuit courts, helping you navigate your legal case in your specific county.

Missouri Appellate Courts

Understand the structure and filing information for Missouri’s appellate courts, including local rules and clerk’s office details.

Missouri Judicial Divisions

Missouri’s various judicial divisions, including personnel, court reporters, and local and appellate judges.

St. Louis Area Municipal Courts

Get information on municipal courts within the St. Louis area, including contact details and court-specific resources.

Missouri Jails and Prisons

Find details about Missouri’s state correctional facilities, including security levels and directions for visiting.

Missouri State Correctional Facilities — Division of Adult Institutions

Missouri Probation & Parole Offices

Locate probation and parole offices across Missouri, complete with contact information and directions.

Additional Probation and Parole Resources

Access further resources and guidelines regarding probation, parole conditions, and early discharge options in Missouri.
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