ATV Accidents

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Posted by Christopher Combs on January 30, 2024

ATV Accident Lawyer St. Louis, MO. Many people from all around Missouri enjoy riding an ATV, and with good reason–they offer their riders the freedom to explore trails, forests, and other off-road areas. However, those fun times do not always end well for ATV riders. Accidents can and often do occur while off-roading, either due to operator error, negligence, or in some cases a mechanical or part defect.

The experienced St. Louis, MO personal injury lawyers at Combs Waterkotte are here to help if you or a friend/family member was recently injured in an ATV accident. Our firm has helped people from all around the St. Louis, MO area with their personal injury cases and has a proven track record of getting them the compensation they are entitled to receive. Call us today at (314) 900-HELP for a free review of your St. Louis, MO ATV accident case.

ATV Accident Facts

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), on average more than more than 90,000 ATV accidents occur in a given year in the United States. Accident numbers have decreased in recent years, though, with 2018 (the most recent year where data was available) having only 81,000 reported accidents, the lowest total since records began being kept in 2009. The same study has shown that injuries to riders under the age of 16 consistently are a quarter of all ATV accident injuries. As for fatalities, Missouri has reported a total of 432 deaths resulting from an ATV accident between the years 1982 and 2016, which places them 12th in the nation.

ATVs are exceptionally notable for causing accidents due to their high center of gravity. This is by design: most off-road vehicles are sprung higher to obtain more ground clearance, useful when navigating tough terrain. In combination with increasing engine sizes and top speeds, this means that the danger of rollover accidents is serious when riding an ATV. Not wearing proper safety gear (like a helmet or pads) and careless driving only exacerbates many ATV accident injuries. Riding an ATV on paved roads, as well, is a major cause of accidents. Not only does a flat, paved surface enable an ATV to achieve higher speeds, but its tires also are not designed to grip on asphalt.

Injuries from ATV accidents are often serious ones, again because of the nature of many ATV accidents. The weight of a 500-pound vehicle falling on top of someone, as well as many riders wearing minimal protective equipment, means that the risk of broken bones or traumatic brain injuries is much higher in ATV accidents than in other personal injury accidents.

Do I Have An ATV Accident Case?

If you or someone you know was injured in an ATV accident, it’s entirely possible they could have a personal injury claim even if they were the only ones operating the vehicle. Many of our clients were merely passengers while someone else carelessly drove an all-terrain vehicle, but we have seen many other cases where a malfunctioning vehicle, blown tire, or other defect causes an accident. In these cases, you could potentially hold multiple parties liable for your injuries–the manufacturer of the ATV, the dealer who sold it to you, and the maker of an aftermarket part such as tires, for example.

A good ATV accident lawyer will thoroughly investigate your case, catalog the full depth and breadth of your injuries and losses, and aggressively fight for the maximum compensation you are entitled to receive. Studies have consistently shown that ATV accident victims who hire an attorney, rather than deal with insurance companies themselves, not only get higher overall compensation but also start from a better negotiating position, as their initial settlement offer is usually higher than those offered to individuals who go it alone.

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