What They Don’t Tell You About Arrest Records

Expunging a felony conviction from your criminal record in St. Louis, Missouri, is a detailed legal process that requires a deep understanding of both state and federal laws. Each court, whether it be county, state, or federal, has its own set of rules and restrictions regarding felony expungement.

Christopher Combs and Steve Waterkotte of Combs Waterkotte Law Firm answer “What they don’t tell you about arrest records.”

Video Transcript

Christopher Combs:  You have a driving record, an arrest record, your criminal record through NCIC – the National Crime Information Center. Then you’ve got DFS/CPS – Child Protective Services. So, everyone has four records. Expungement statutes lightened up in Missouri. Steve handles a lot of them. It turns people’s lives around and opens up a lot of doors.

Scott Michael Dunn: That’s cool.

Steve Waterkotte: I think the two most common mistakes are folks that go, “Well, my case was dismissed.” We get that a lot, “My case was dismissed, it’s off my record.” In fact I literally just had a client come in to sign her expungement paperwork today – that we’re about to file. I had this very conversation with her. She said, “Well my case is dismissed.” You gotta understand, that arrest occurred, right? You don’t have a conviction on your criminal background, but that arrest still occurred.

Scott Michael Dunn: I didn’t know that. I don’t think a lot of people know that.

Steve Waterkotte: A lot of people don’t.

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