Can I Lose My Job If I’m Charged With a Crime?

At Combs Waterkotte, our entire practice is dedicated to protecting people like you — good people in difficult situations. In the case of a criminal allegation, you may feel overwhelmed, hopeless or intimidated, and understandably so, but we are here to help.

Christopher Combs and Steve Waterkotte of Combs Waterkotte answer “Can I lose my job if I’m charged with a crime?”

Video Transcript

Christopher Combs: A lot of clients charged with felonies typically lose their jobs. Just based on the charge. Most employers want to see the case resolved, and they don’t want an employee who they think may go to prison. We see that a lot, people losing employment just based on the charge alone, not an actual conviction.

Scott Michael Dunn: Wow. That’s scary. Just to be charged with a felony, already it’s scary.

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