Should I Tell My Lawyer if I’m Guilty?

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Steven Waterkotte and Chris Combs of Combs Waterkotte Law Firm answer the question “Should I tell my lawyer if I’m guilty?”.

Video Transcript

Scott Michael Dunn: Can he tell you he’s guilty? What can he say? Like is he protected from what he says?

Christopher Combs: Sure. Attorney client privilege is paramount – that relationship. So, unless it’s an ongoing crime, we don’t have any ethical obligation other than to keep attorney client communication private. It’s very rare that a client’s going to say, “Hey, look, I did this or I didn’t do it.” I know a lot of people like to ask that question, but it just doesn’t come up.

And – Steve can weigh in on this – but I gotta be honest, I don’t care. I’m here to defend someone and that’s, that’s all that matters. So, if they want to tell me great, but it doesn’t matter to me, because, there’s the United States Constitution and everyone deserves a defense.

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