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Every year, thousands of people from all around St. Louis are injured in accidents. If you were the victim of a car accident, premises liability accident, or work-related accident, a personal injury claim could help you get the compensation for damages that you deserve from the negligent party. However, each type of personal injury claim has specific regulations and other processes that must be met, requiring the help of an experienced attorney.

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Common Personal Injury Claims In St. Louis

There are many types of personal injuries, and ways that an accident can occur, but some can cause severe, long-lasting damages to a person. Some of the most common personal injury claims include:

  • Car crash – can occur due to many factors, but the most common are speeding, distracted driving, driving under the influence, and those involving bad weather
  • Truck accident – truck drivers are required to look out for others on the road (even more so than regular drivers), but often, accidents are caused by truck drivers failing to follow the speed limit, follow truck safety regulations, and otherwise acting negligently
  • Motorcycle crash – often produces more injuries and damages, since motorcycles by design have much fewer safety features as opposed to cars
  • Premises liability – property owners are required to provide a hazard-free environment to all guests. If a guest is injured on another person’s property, in a slip and fall or chemical burn accident, or a fire, the property owner can be sued for damages
  • Dangerous products – if a product is used in the way that it was intended, and causes injury, the manufacturer or distributor could be liable for the victim’s damages. Common product liability claims include defective drugs, dangerous vehicles, and faulty lawn mowers
  • Defamation – damaging a person’s reputation – examples include discrimination, unfair treatment from an employer, and other types of claims
  • Tire blowouts – whether caused by defective tires or poorly-maintained roadways, tire blowout accidents are usually much more severe than other types of car accidents and cause more extensive damages

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