Answered by Christopher Combs in Truck Accidents on April 01, 2021.

Do I Need a Lawyer If I’m In a Truck Accident?

After you’ve been in a truck accident, you are likely to ask questions you never expected to consider. Having access to a wide variety of resources and the support of a qualified team can make a massive difference in the outcome of your case, as well as your overall experience and quality of life throughout the truck accident claim process.

Once you’ve decided on whether to hire a truck accident attorney, the next step is to contact a lawyer and determine who is the best fit for you. Choose someone you respect, feel comfortable with, but most importantly trust to take your case. Many lawyers in St. Louis offer free initial consultations in order for prospective clients to get to know their potential advocate, including the personal injury lawyers at Combs Waterkotte Contact us today online or call us at (314) 900-HELP to schedule a free discussion about your case. Our first priority is you, the client, and we promise to do everything we can to get you the best possible outcome after your truck accident.

When You Need a Lawyer

Some, more minor truck accident cases may actually be resolved better without involving a lawyer. If both parties can agree on fault, the facts are obvious, and damage was limited, it can be more beneficial to work out a solution yourself. However, in most cases, hiring a lawyer is the best choice following a truck accident. You need a lawyer if any of the following conditions apply:

  • You or your passenger(s) suffered any injuries, especially if severe or permanent.
  • There was significant damage to your vehicle or other property.
  • The accident caused the death of a family member or any passenger.
  • There is any confusion or dispute regarding the cause of the accident.
  • There are more than two parties involved.
  • The at-fault’s insurance company denies or ignores your claim or tries to lowball, threaten, or otherwise mislead you.
  • The other party is a corporation or government agency rather than a private individual.

If any of these apply in your situation, it’s in your best interest to find a qualified, experienced car accident attorney. The sooner you find the right lawyer for you, the sooner they can begin to strenghten your case and lift the burden from your shoulders.

What A Lawyer Can Do For You

If you’re still unsure whether it will benefit you to hire a lawyer for your car accident case, consider some of the things car accident lawyers do for their clients, and how they would benefit your case.

A lawyer would be able to:

  • Formulate an effective legal strategy. As a trained legal representative with experience in truck accident cases, your lawyer is able to advise you on the strongest strategy for your specific case. A good attorney will listen to and respect you wishes while letting you know what to expect and how to increase your chances of winning your case.
  • Protect you from insurance companies and their dirty tricks. Dealing with insurnace in any capacity is often frustrating and confusing. When it comes to trying to secure a settlement for your truck accident, other parties and their insurers are likely to employ several common tactics to avoid paying you what you deserve. A truck accident lawyer has seen how insurance companies operate before and knows how to communicate with them to obtain a favorable result for you.
  • Determine the full value of your claim. Truck accidents are normally complicated, with multiple parties potentially at fault and extensive injuries and property damage. It takes a professional to calculate a complete and accurate evaluation of what your claim is worth.
  • Manage your evidence. A lawyer can obtain your medical records directly from medical providers and get reports and other documents from courts and police departments. They can compile and organize these and other documents that support your case.
  • Shepherd your case through the legal system. An attorney’s familiarity with statutes, deadlines, and other legal guidelines protects you from losing your case due to avoidable mistakes, like not filing certain documents on time or missing important court dates.
  • Navigate the confusing details of your case. When there are multiple parties involved or the details of the accident are disputed, proving liability is difficult but necessary to get a favorable result. A professional attorney with experience in accident law knows exactly how to argue on your behalf.
  • Make sure you receive the money you are owed. Whether you get a favorable court judgment or reach an amicable settlement, it does not help you any until you have the money in your bank account. Your lawyer knows how to collect the money and what to do if the at-fault party or parties do not pay up when they are supposed to.
  • Offer emotional support. Allowing a lawyer to take care of the details of a truck accident case gives you more time to get your life back to the way it was before your accident. Your lawyer can also listen to what you are going through and provide an understanding, empathetic ear. Simply feeling that you aren’t alone and knowing you have someone in your corner who cares about your life and understands your experiences can be a huge relief.

Find a Lawyer for Your Truck Accident Case

Having a lawyer for your truck accident case can make a huge difference, but you won’t truly get the best possible result and find piece of mind throughout the process with just any lawyer out there. You need a truck crash lawyer who believes in your case, can develop a winning legal strategy, and provides support and communication throughout the legal process. Combs Waterkotte provides all these qualities and more, and is ready to take your St. Louis truck crash case. Contact them either online or by calling (314) 900-HELP to speak with an attorney and schedule a free consultation.


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