Answered by Christopher Combs in Wrongful Death on April 01, 2021.

When a family member or loved one dies as a direct result of the careless acts of another person or group, you may be entitled to compensation for the unspeakable pain and suffering you experienced, as well as the loss of companionship and income they provided. However, while you would certainly want swift justice and a quick resolution to your wrongful death claim, the reality is that every wrongful death lawsuit is unique, and more often than not the wheels of justice are not the fastest movers.

Regardless of whether your claim is a simple one or requires intense investigation, having a St. Louis wrongful death lawyer on your side will greatly improve your chances of getting a favorable result. Contact the experienced wrongful death attorneys at Combs Waterkotte today online or by calling (314) 900-HELP for a free consultation.

Time Factors In A Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Every state has a statute of limitations when filing a wrongful death lawsuit. In Missouri, this is three years from the date of death. While other states have exceptions to this statute if, for instance, the only surviving relatives are minors or the cause of the death was covered up, Missouri’s wrongful death statute of limitations has no tolling or discovery clauses.

In some wrongful death cases, police have already completed investigations into the death and its cause. However, this is not always the case, which is why hiring a wrongful death attorney is so critical. A good lawyer can help investigate your case, gather evidence, and help build a strong legal strategy you can use against responsible parties and their representatives.

Is There A Reasonable Time Frame For A Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

The majority of wrongful death cases are settled out of court and never go to trial: some do not even require a lawsuit. In general, cases that require a lawsuit to be filed take longer than cases that are settled. Cases that go to trial have what is called a discovery phase, where evidence is presented and exchanged by both the plaintiff and the defendant. This usually takes several months. In addition, there are multiple motions or other hearings that occur before a trial, each of which can draw the schedule out longer. With many court dockets being long and busy, it could easily take more than a year before your wrongful death lawsuit trial officially has a start date.

Even though it may seem like the legal process for your case may be stuck in time, your St. Louis wrongful death lawyer will still be aggressively fighting on your behalf. Your attorney will be negotiating with the defense, their insurers, and their legal team to try and reach a settlement. If an agreement cannot be made, they will be preparing for trial and having your case ready to be presented in front of a judge.

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