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Criminal Attorney Ladue, MO

Criminal attorney in Ladue, MO. Regardless of why you’re in this situation, you have privileges that are guaranteed by our constitution. The criminal attorney defense team at Combs Waterkotte is committed to doing everything possible to get the most favorable results for those in need of criminal defense in Ladue, MO. We take on criminal cases ranging from credit card fraud to serious felony. Whether you’re innocent, a situation was outside of your control or you just did something you now regret, we will fight hard for you and aggressively enforce your rights and freedom. Call a criminal attorney in Ladue, MO today at (314) 900-HELP or contact us online for a free case evaluation.

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Anytime you’re dealing with the prospect of a criminal charge, the worst-case scenario is losing your freedom and having to spend time in jail or prison. The United States has has two million people in prisons or jails. The best way to avoid incarceration in Ladue, MO is with the aid of a knowledgeable and passionate criminal attorney. We know that, whatever reason you are in this situation, facing criminal charges is a situation nobody wants to be in. Let us fight for you and get your charges reduced or thrown out and do everything possible to avoid a jail or prison sentence. Call a criminal attorney in Ladue, MO today at (314) 900-HELP.

Criminal Attorney Ladue, MO | Criminal Justice | Criminal Defense Lawyers Near Ladue

What a Criminal Attorney in Ladue, MO Can Do For Your Case

Criminal attorneys know the legal system, the laws that guide them, how to talk to a prosecutor and how to defend you in front of a jury. Some of what we can help with are:

Delay or Stop Charges From Being Filed

After you’ve been detained, a criminal attorney can talk to a prosecutor or district attorney in Ladue, MO, explain how their evidence is lacking, and stop the charges from being filed or only bring lesser charges.

Defend Your Rights

When Ladue, MO law enforcement believes they have made a legitimate arrest, they have a lot at their disposal to acquire the evidence needed for a conviction. According to a 1969 Supreme Court Decision, evidence obtained in deceitful interrogations is still valid. A criminal attorney will stand by your side and verify law enforcement abides by:

Carry Out an Investigation

A criminal attorney in Ladue, MO will carry out a thorough investigation, often more detailed than that of law enforcement’s, so that we can discover physical evidence and witnesses that are beneficial to your cause. We’ll also examine how the evidence brought against you was acquired, and if there were any procedural errors or if there are holes in the state’s case.

Develop a Defense Strategy

Different cases are best defended in different ways, depending on the nature of the charges and the evidence the state has. In some cases, we may advise to accept a plea deal. We may be able to ask the judge for leniency because of special factors in your life and in the case. Other times it might be possible to present evidence demonstrating your innocence or, if we proceed to trial, persuade a jury that the state has not fulfilled the burden of proof of beyond a reasonable doubt. Did you have a reliable alibi? Was important evidence contaminated? Is there evidence suggesting someone else is guilty for the crime? We’ll look into every detail of your case to persuade a jury they cannot morally find you guilty with what was presented in court.

Give You Dependable Legal Counsel

A Combs Waterkotte criminal attorney will be open with you about your chances of acquittal or getting the charges reduced. We understand you’d like to be acquitted. Still, sometimes the realistic most favorable option can be accepting some of the charges. No matter what, the choice of how to approach your defense is in your hands.

Cases Our Criminal Attorney in Ladue, MO Takes

Your Ladue, MO criminal attorney has experience getting positive client outcomes in numerous cases, from traffic violations to Class A felonies like homicide. Some of the cases we see most often are:

Whatever the nature of what you’re accused of in Ladue, MO, Combs Waterkotte knows that it does not define your character. We understand that our emotions can get the best of us, or we can become involved in situations outside of our control. For sympathetic, committed and expert legal representation, reach out to a criminal attorney at Combs Waterkotte now at (314) 900-HELP.

Public Defender or a Private Ladue, MO, MO Criminal Attorney?

It can be tempting to use a public defender at no cost, but the truth is you’ll have a better chance of success by hiring a private Ladue, MO criminal attorney like those at Combs Waterkotte. For starters, a public defender may not be able to devote as much time to you case as necessary. A 2014 Study of the Missouri Public Defender System stated that Ladue, MO public defenders largely do not have enough time to come up with a good defense. While there are excellent public defenders, they are human and the amount of work they have to do may mean they cannot devote the best defense possible.

Another study found that prosecutors offer better deals when a private defense attorney is involved in order to avoid a lengthy trial. It also found that private criminal attorneys on average secure prison sentences five years shorter than public defenders, despite private attorneys often taking on more serious charges.

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Criminal Attorney Ladue, MO | Criminal Justice | Criminal Defense Lawyers Near Ladue

Call a Criminal Attorney in Ladue, MO Today | Combs Waterkotte

When you call us, one of our criminal attorneys will give you a no-risk case evaluation that’s free of any criticism, regardless of how serious the allegations are. Our clients and their rights matter to us. You’ll have the cell phone number of the criminal attorney working on your case. Whether you did nothing wrong or did something you regret, we’ll fight hard to get the best outcome in your case. Call criminal attorney in Ladue, MO today at (314) 900-HELP or contact us online so we can get to work on your case today.

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