What to Do During a DUI/DWI Stop?

If you’ve been charged with a DUI, you will be facing a driver’s license suspension, fines, and possible jail time. A DWI in St. Louis or elsewhere in Missouri can result in unimaginable costs – but you could avoid them, with the expert help provided by an effective St. Louis DWI/DUI attorney.

Chris Combs of Combs Waterkotte Law Firm answers “What to do during a DUI stop?”

Video Transcript

Christopher Combs: The second a traffic stop turns into a DWI investigation, that’s when you just need to say, “If you believe hat I’m under the influence. Go ahead and take me into custody.”

Scott Michael Dunn: Book me, right.

Christopher Combs: Exactly.

Scott Michael Dunn: I’ll get out of the car when I’m arrested.

Christopher Combs: Sure. I mean, some of this stuff is hard to do sober. Try standing on one leg, your foot’s six inches off the ground for 10 seconds.

Steve Waterkotte: I know that. You know, six inches off the ground, you know, for ten seconds. And speaking of what Chris said, there’s so many clients that will say that. “Dude, I couldn’t do this sober.” Well, that very statement, think about this. That very statement just says that you’ve been drinking, But how many people say that?

Christopher Combs: So many.

Steve Waterkotte: They go, “I couldn’t do this sober, officer.” [The police] go, “So you’re not sober right now?”

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