Should You Blow During a DWI Stop?

If you’ve been charged with a DUI, you will be facing a driver’s license suspension, fines and possible jail time. A DWI in St. Louis or elsewhere in Missouri can result in unimaginable costs – but you could avoid them, with the expert help provided by an effective St. Louis DWI/DUI attorney.

Chris Combs of Combs Waterkotte answers the question: Should you blow during a DWI stop?

Video Transcript

Scott Michael Dunn: Should they take the breathalyzer? Should they do the blood test? What is it that they should say yes to? Or can they say no?

Christopher Combs: My opinion on that – and every defense lawyer I think has a different opinion – I would always say absolutely not. All you’re doing is providing more evidence. The only time I would ever advise anyone to submit to blood, breath or urine tests in a DWI investigation is: “I had one glass of wine at happy hour.”

Scott Michael Dunn: “And I left 15 minutes later and suddenly I’m a .086 or something.”

Christopher Combs: Sure. All you’re doing is providing more evidence for them. So I would say refuse all tests. Refuse field sobriety tests. Some defense lawyers say, “Do it.” But I like to pick apart the breathalyzer. I like to pick apart the cops’ investigation. In my opinion, you’re just giving them more evidence.

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