Combs Waterkotte Criminal Law Firm Secures Acquittal in High-Stakes Criminal Sodomy Case

Missouri Criminal defense firm Combs Waterkotte achieved a significant legal victory, securing a not-guilty verdict in a high-stakes sodomy case.

“Our strategy was clear from the beginning: ‘We have nothing to hide”Matthew Brown

Combs Waterkotte Secures Acquittal in High-Stakes Criminal Sodomy Case for Client

St. Louis Criminal defense lawyers Combs Waterkotte achieved a significant legal victory, securing a not-guilty verdict in a high-stakes sodomy case. The client, who faced three consecutive life sentences, was acquitted after a four-day jury trial in Buchanan County, thanks in large part to a Combs Waterkotte criminal defense trial lawyer with experience in prosecuting sex crimes.

The charges were filed against the defendant after his girlfriend’s five-year-old child began making accusations of sexual assault during a contentious custody battle. At the time the disclosures were being made, the alleged victim’s father and mother were in a child custody battle in court. Over two years, the alleged victim’s father would call the police and make these allegations against the defendant. The defense argued that these allegations were part of an effort by the child’s father to gain full custody.

“Our strategy was clear from the beginning: ‘We have nothing to hide,’” said criminal defense lawyer Matthew Brown, the lead defense attorney. “We decided early on that my client would take the stand in his own defense,” despite a felony conviction 15 years earlier. By telling the jury the defendant would testify and acknowledging the unrelated felony conviction, the defense “took the wind out of the prosecutor’s sail.”

Matthew Brown, a former prosecutor with extensive experience in prosecuting crimes against children, used his experience working at the St. Francois County Prosecutor’s Office to shape the defense strategy. Before he became a leading sex crimes defense lawyer in Missouri, Matthew dedicated a significant portion of his career to prosecuting crimes against children and trying numerous felony jury trials to verdict. Brown was also one of 25 prosecutors nationwide selected to attend The Secret Service National Computer Forensic Institute for advanced training and career development in sex crimes and criminal charges. His background allowed him to understand what it takes for the State to prepare a case, which he leveraged to benefit his client.

One of the major challenges in the case was the presence of the client’s DNA on the alleged victim. DNA evidence can often be a significant hurdle in criminal trials due to what Brown referred to as the “CSI effect,” where jurors have unrealistic expectations about the conclusiveness of DNA evidence. Brown tackled this challenge head-on by educating the jury about the limitations of DNA evidence and emphasizing the broader context of the custody battle and the potential motives behind the allegations.

A key moment in the case was the cross-examination of the state’s DNA expert, who conceded that DNA does not prove guilt or victimization. Brown successfully argued to the jury that DNA cannot tell us “how,” “if,” or “when.” These concessions undermined the prosecution’s case and highlighted the lack of concrete evidence against the defendant.

The case underscores Combs Waterkotte’s commitment to robust criminal defense strategies and its ability to handle complex cases with high stakes.

Combs Waterkotte continues to provide exceptional legal defense for clients facing serious charges, with a focus on delivering justice and protecting the rights of the accused. The firm’s dedication to thorough preparation, strategic thinking, and aggressive advocacy ensures that every client receives the best possible defense, regardless of the complexities of their case.

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