Case Outcomes: Hit & Run

Case Summary

Combs Waterkotte recently finished a difficult case for one of our clients in St. Louis County. The client was initially charged with second-degree murder and armed criminal action. Here are the two articles that were posted in the St. Louis Post Dispatch about the case:

Fortunately for our client, we were able to make a case, regarding evidentiary issues causing the prosecuting attorney to take this case through grand jury for reduced charges. These situations are always difficult for a criminal defense attorney and everyone involved, but our primary purpose is to defend our clients with our utmost ability. We are here for you, the defendant, and we aim to deliver the best possible outcomes for your particular case. We have to put our emotions aside and do our jobs as best as we can and sometimes that can be difficult. Nonetheless, this was a case that we strongly believed that the prosecution had gone too far with initial charges and that the evidence in the case didn’t support the charging criteria from the very beginning. In the end, the prosecutor seeing the case through a clear lens and acting fairly knew that evidentiary problems existed after meetings with our firm. The client was put on probation for the next several years among other conditions of probation, we were able to avoid jail time. We send our condolences to the family of the accident victim.