DWI Drivers License Cases in Missouri

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DWI Driver’s License Cases in Missouri. When you see the dreadful red and blue lights flashing behind you, you undoubtedly have a lot of thoughts going through your mind. If you have been stopped for suspicion of driving under the influence, you may be looking at criminal DWI charges as well as an administrative case against your driver’s license. Combs Waterkotte can help. Call (314) 900-HELP or send us a message to talk to a DWI attorney about your situation and form a place to restore your freedoms and keep you mobile, independent and free, just the way it should be.

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Consequences of a DWI Arrest in St. Louis, Missouri

The potential punishments involved in a DWI conviction in the state of Missouri depend on what charges you are being accused of and how many times you have previously been charged with a DWI. In most cases of driving under the influence, there are two types of punishments: criminal and administrative. While for a criminal conviction the court must follow the due process of proving your guilt and convicting you in court either through your guilty plea or by winning a criminal jury trial, in the administrative case following a motor vehicle stop related to drug or alcohol intoxication the state can impose the suspension or revocation of your license regardless of whether you are ultimately convicted. Both your criminal case and your driver’s license case are important and should be taken seriously. With the help of an attorney, you can minimize their impact on your life and put the night of your arrest behind you.

Criminal Cases for DWIs in Missouri

The classification of the criminal charge and corresponding extent of punishment that Missouri courts can sentence you to are listed in §577.010. The seriousness of the crime in the eyes of the Missouri court and the punishment allowed increase as you get multiple DWI charges or if the court can prove that your offense meets certain specifications.

It is critical that you speak to and hire a DWI attorney near you who you trust. Near St. Louis, Combs Waterkotte’s DWI attorneys are prepared to use their skills and resources to protect you from the court and ensure you still have a future. If you have been arrested near St. Louis for a DWI, call our DWI attorneys now at (314) 900-HELP.

The actual sentence you receive — or if you are convicted and sentenced at all — depends on a wide range of factors, including whether you obtain a plea deal or take your case to trial, your DWI attorney’s ability to investigate and defend your case, your personal situation and the circumstances of your case.

Pursuant to §577.010, the possible charges for a DWI in Missouri include:

  1. Class B misdemeanor – A first-time offender
  2. Class A misdemeanor – A prior offender (second offense) or someone who is under the age of 17 (due to Missouri’s zero-tolerance policy for individuals who are underage)
  3. Class E felony – A persistent offender (third offense) or someone who exercises criminal negligence to cause personal injury third offense
  4. Class D felony – An aggravated offender (fourth offense) or someone who causes serious personal injury
  5. Class C felony – A chronic offender (fifth offense) or someone whose negligence leads to another person’s death
  6. Class B felony – A habitual offender or someone who causes certain death in certain cases

Administrative Cases for DWIs in Missouri

When you are accused of driving while intoxicated or under the influence in Missouri, you are now dealing with an administrative case in addition to a criminal case. The administrative process refers to your driver’s license case and the decision regarding if and when you will retain or lose your driving privileges. Independent from your case in criminal court, your driving privileges are decided through the process of an administrative review by the Missouri Department of Revenue.

If you are arrested for driving a vehicle with a blood alcohol content of .08 or higher, you will automatically face a driver’s license case. Minors stopped while operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol content of .02 can also have their license suspended or revoked. Even if you have criminal DWI charges that are eventually dropped or reduced to lesser crimes, you will still have to deal with an administrative driver’s license case after a DWI arrest in Missouri.

What is the punishment for a DWI driver’s license case?

Just like with criminal DWI convictions in Missouri, the outcome of your administrative case regarding your driver’s license privileges depends on the circumstances. A DWI lawyer like the lawyers of Combs Waterkotte in St. Louis will help you navigate the administrative proceedings and obtain the best possible outcome. After all, losing the freedom of transportation can be expensive, restrictive and a huge hassle. In emergencies, it could even be dangerous.

In your DWI driver’s license case, you could have your license suspended or revoked. For a first-time DWI or excessive BAC arrest, you will receive a 90-day suspension. For a second offense related to driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, typically your license will be revoked for one year. If you are convicted for the second time within five years of the first offense, you could lose your license for five years. For three or more convictions, you could be denied your license for a period of ten years.

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Obtaining Driving Privileges with a Suspended or Revoked License

Even if your license is taken away for a DWI or other violation, you may still be able to obtain special driven privileges. Speak to a DWI driver’s license attorney in St. Louis, Missouri about your options. Call (314) 900-HELP to speak to a lawyer with Combs Waterkotte today.

  • Limited Driving Privilege (LDP): also know as a hardship license, a Limited Driving Privilege grants you permission to drive during certain times to specific places while your license is suspended or revoked. You must meet certain requirements to be eligible for an LDP.
  • Restricted Driving Permit (RDP): if you’re not able to qualify for limited driving privileges, your DWI attorney may be able to help you qualify for a restricted driving permit. To be permitted to drive, you will have to install a breath alcohol ignition interlock device (BAIID) which prevents you from operating the vehicle if you have alcohol in your system.

It can feel frustrating and unfair to lose your driver’s license just because of a drug or alcohol-related traffic stop or arrest regardless of if you are ultimately convicted. To minimize the administrative consequences of a DWI or other arrest in Missouri, hire a DWI attorney in St. Louis right away. The attorneys of Combs Waterkotte has years of experience defending Missourians against allegations of driving under the influence and the subsequent driver’s license penalties. Your entire life and livelihood should not be halted because you made one mistake and especially should not if you did nothing wrong. We defend you and preserve your right to live your life. Call us now at (314) 900-HELP.

Other Driver’s License Cases in Missouri

A driver’s license is a privilege and just as it can be earned, it can be taken away. The laws for driver’s licenses in Missouri are designed to keep citizens — drivers, passengers and pedestrians — safe. There are many rules for holding a driver’s license in the state of Missouri and when you get in trouble with the law, you could risk losing your license by suspension or revocation. Surprisingly, you do not even have to have moving violations or other motor vehicle-related charges to lose your license. There are many reasons your license can be suspended or revoked.

  • DWI arrest or conviction
  • Accumulation of points on your license
  • Refusing a breathalyzer
  • Leaving the scene of an accident
  • Felony conviction of a crime involving a motor vehicle
  • Failure to appear
  • Unpaid tickets
  • No insurance
  • Unpaid child support
  • Fake or altered license plates
  • Minor in possession of alcohol
  • Drug possession

Our criminal defense attorneys and lawyers who specialize in traffic tickets possess the skills, knowledge and experience needed to avoid unnecessary hassles and retain your right to drive or minimize the time your license is suspended.

Get Help with Your DWI Driver’s License Case in St. Louis, Missouri

An administrative driver’s license case may seem like small potatoes compared to a criminal misdemeanor or felony. The truth is, at best, losing your license is an enormous headache both for you and the people around you. In many cases, there is no need for you to be barred from driving for months or years. But that could be what happens without a skilled St. Louis lawyer taking your legal challenges in stride and tackling them on your behalf. Contact us online or call (314) 900-HELP today.