Why You Should ALWAYS Remain Silent

At Combs Waterkotte, our entire practice is dedicated to protecting people like you — good people in difficult situations. In the case of a criminal allegation, you may feel overwhelmed, hopeless or intimidated, and understandably so, but we are here to help.

Steven Waterkotte of Combs Waterkotte Law Firm explains Why you should ALWAYS remain silent.

Video Transcript

Steve Waterkotte: Number one is most important. Again, it’s remaining silent. You do not answer questions. And that even goes for folks that are truly, truly innocent. And it kind of is counterintuitive. “Well, if I’m innocent, why shouldn’t I just tell the police?” It could be an innocuous detail. Like, “I was at this local 7/11 getting gas.” Well, the robbery that happened there, now we can tie you there. And that’s just an example. That’s somebody that’s truly innocent. And let’s use that hypothetical. Now they just put themselves at the crime scene.

So even if you’re innocent, don’t answer questions. And you can politely decline that. That’s your constitutional right.

Scott Michael Dunn: That’s a good thing to know. Because I think most people think, “Well, I just need to tell them. I just need to tell them I’m innocent and here’s why.”

Steve Waterkotte: I always tell clients – and I’ve heard Chris say this too – there [are] thousands and thousands of people in prisons and jails across this country, only for the fact that they talked to the police.

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