Why an Ex-Prosecutor Can Make a Good Defense Lawyer

Why an Ex-Prosecutor Can Make a Good Defense Lawyer in St. Louis

Why an ex-prosecutor can make a good defense lawyer in St. Louis, MO. Wondering what type of attorney you should hire to represent you in a St. Louis criminal case? Combs Waterkotte understands that you have many choices when it comes to choosing a defense attorney. Very few of those St. Louis attorneys, though, have experience on both sides of the legal fence, so to speak.

Combs Waterkotte does. We recently hired a criminal defense lawyer who has years of experience as a prosecuting attorney. After all, the accusations you face are made by a prosecutor. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a glimpse at the other team’s playbook? You need experience and tenacity on your side when facing criminal charges, and our knowledgeable and aggressive lawyers know the other side.

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Why Does an Ex-Prosecutor Make a Good St. Louis Defense Lawyer?

Prosecutors have a unique approach to casework, a different mindset than defense attorneys. When a prosecutor shifts gears to the defense side at Combs Waterkotte, they bring that work ethic with them. It doesn’t vanish. The “former prosecutor” designation is more than just a label. Here are just a few examples of the benefits of having a former prosecutor on your side in a criminal case:

  • They have been through this process before. Many times, in fact. Perhaps the biggest benefit of having a former prosecutor by your side is experience and knowledge of the justice system. The team at Combs Waterkotte realizes that the prosecution has the comfort of making you prove them wrong. And that is some heavy artillery to have on your side heading to a battle.
  • They understand how prosecutors build their cases against you. Having in-depth knowledge of the strategies and tactics prosecutors employ allows your St. Louis criminal defense attorney at Combs Waterkotte to establish options to produce a favorable resolution. We are prepared for the prosecution’s case to the point that we can know what’s coming before they even begin to carry it out. Call us today at (314) 900-HELP or contact us online.
  • They know the local St. Louis courts and judges. St. Louis courts and judges each have a unique track record when it comes to certain types of cases. Prosecutors try a tremendous volume of cases, often with very little time to prepare. By having a thorough understanding of the ins and outs of local courts and the judges who preside over them, your St. Louis criminal defense attorney at Combs Waterkotte can better anticipate what defense works best for your charge.
  • They have earned the respect of their peers, and have built strong relationships that can be leveraged. The Combs Waterkotte legal team is constantly at work in courts in St. Louis and throughout Missouri. We have cultivated a solid reputation and positive relationships. The opposing prosecuting attorneys know that we have experience on both sides of the legal spectrum, and they are much less willing to challenge our experience and skills because they recognize that we have the capability to dismantle their case.
  • They can negotiate better plea bargains. A former prosecutor working for the Combs Waterkotte defense team has seen firsthand how cases progress throughout the legal process, from the time of arrest, to trial, to the potential appeal process. They also know when a plea bargain is worth taking and when to keep fighting for something better. Having devised these plea bargains before, this former prosecutor knows how to make a deal that will best serve you and your family.

Why an Ex-Prosecutor Can Make a Good Defense Lawyer | Combs Waterkotte

When your future is hanging in the balance, you need the best possible lawyer standing in your corner. The criminal defense attorney you hire will have a major impact on your case and its results. Why not choose someone with experience on the team you are trying to beat, with a unique view of their playbook?

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